Friday Khutbah Library

Friday Khutbah Library

Friday Khutbah at Muslim Community Mosque (MCM) is one of our best practice in teaching about practices of Islam. We are a non-profit organization with the mission to promote and legitimate Muslim social and educational integration. Friday Khutbah is the weekly sermon delivered by experienced scholars in MCM. We are all asked to do our best to listen attentively, for this is very important. The Khutbah reminds us of what Allah has said in His Book and offers insight into complex areas of Islamic law. Friday Khutbah also counter secular attitudes, which may have crept into society over time.

Keys of ICA

Some key ICA programming is their Ramadan Nights, a free community event every night during the month of Ramadan. Where Muslims get together for prayers and activities such as reading from the Quran or sharing traditions, their Islamic Social Services help enhance immigrant women's sense of belonging and build safe communities with social workers and counselors. The ICA is not mandated to educate people about the Friday sermon, but it does have an educational mandate. We are focused on creating programs that provide learning opportunities for Muslim youth and striving to present Islam in a positive light by interfaith engagement and anti-Islamophobia events.

Listen Khutbah on Youtube

The Islamic Cultural Association was founded in the 80s by about a dozen families looking to build an Islamic community that would share their values The Franklin Building proved too small for this growing need, so they eventually purchased it and moved into its present location two years later – Alhamdulillah. We do khutbah in Arabic and also in English on there fix times

English Friday Khutbah Time

12:20 PM

Arabic Friday Khutbah Time

1:20 PM