Our Sports

What Sports we provide?

The Islam faith promotes healthy living and a sense of well-being in a person. You will find an Islamic cultural association to be supportive in the ways of exercise and sport. Some people misconstrue this as simply promoting rules for physical activity rather than an entire lifestyle ranging from diet, sleep patterns, prayer intentions, and corporate professional conduct. Life is about cycling between phases of recovery or activity. Still, it’s good to keep the cues for recuperation clear in front by making the most out of time for spiritual growth, family bonding, and relaxation. These are essential pillars for building resiliency from which you branch your physical activities.

About Sports

The Islamic Cultural Association has worked in the sports industry by coaching various sports, including basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Presently the association is sponsoring the games of 40 teams all over Egypt through payment of their financial dues. The current head coach for this team is Ahmed Al-Quasi, who transforms these players into champions. MCM youth also participated in Basketball, Soccer, and summer sports mix. We have organized it very well and made their environment knowledgeable for their kids and Youth as well. The primary purpose of all these events and activities is to understand that Islam is not that problematic religion; instead, Islam is a beautiful religion. It gives a lesson of humanity, peace, and happy living. Some of the sports games listed below: