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Friday Khutba is the weekly sermon delivered by experienced scholars at the MCM. The Khutba reminds Muslims of what Allah (SWT) has said in the Qur’an and offers insight into complex areas of Islamic law. Friday Khutbas may also counter secular attitudes and behaviors, which may have crept into the modern-day society. The only thing required from our attendees is their undivided attention. 

While the ICA is not mandated to educate people about the Friday sermon, it does have an educational mandate. We are focused on creating programs that provide learning opportunities for Muslim youth.

Video Library

Our experts and intellectuals are working to develop a video library to educate Muslims and non-Muslims about Islam. Resources include complimentary and high-quality open access to articles and media— lectures, speeches, seminars, and sermons— in English regarding various critical topics.

Some lecture videos you cannot afford to miss

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