Youth Corner

The Islamic Cultural Association has a wide variety of youth,
and adult programs dedicated to building long-lasting bonds with the masjid. 

Youth Programs

The ICA aims to spread the message of Islam through education, which begins with the youth. Our outreach work in schools, universities, sports clubs and social service agencies is an excellent way for young Muslims to start their journey toward becoming productive citizens in our society.

For over a decade, the Islamic Cultural Association has offered weekly youth programs for various age groups. These include: 

Our youth programs hold every Saturday from 4-8 pm. They are packed with fun and life-enriching activities, including group prayers, halaqas with guest speakers, creative art projects, cooking projects, and field trips. The counselors at our programs serve as mentors and role models for the youth who attend 

Youth Events & Committees

At ICA, we give our youth opportunities to hold programming in a multitude of areas. Whether its a social initiative or an educational one – our youth committees have you covered. Each committee is responsible for hosting events for the youth that bring the community members for the committees cause. Here are all the great youth committees we have at ICA:

  • Sisters Social Committee – planning social events for sisters
  • Brothers Social Committee – planning social events for brothers
  • Sisters Athletics Committee – hosting athletic events + leagues for sisters
  • Brothers Athletics Committee – hosting athletic events + leagues for brothers
  • Islamic Programming Committee – hosting Islamic speakers at lectures / qiyams to speak with youth
  • Volunteer Committee- collaborating with neighboring causes or hosting volunteer opportunities in house to serve the local community & beyond
  • Young Professionals Committee – hosts social + educational  events for the college+ age group
  • Green Committee- hosts awareness + action based events that make the masjid and community more eco-friendly
  • Mental Health Committee – hosting awareness based lectures to discuss mental health struggles 
  • Marketing Committee- updating all social media platforms regularly

All events hosted by our committees will be posted on all social media platforms – including our youth Instagram @mcmyouth & Facebook on Islamic Cultural Association. 

ICA Iqraa Library

The ICA Iqraa library hosts a variety of engaging educational events for a wide range of ages. This includes a calligraphy workshop for middle/highschoolers, a mens book club, arts & crafts for toddlers, and so much more . We are grateful to have a beautiful space that houses the pursuit of knowledge for all ages. To find out more about our weekly programming at the library, visit the Iqraa Library Instagram @mcmiqraalibrary.

Our Upcoming Events